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Planting the New Future of Recruitment

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Anant, Matthew, and Scott form the leadership behind a new kind of recruitment agency. They've been working together since their days at the University of Surrey, each mastering a unique angle of the recruitment industry.

Anant is the numbers guy, making sure everything runs smoothly and we grow smart. Matthew knows how to match people with the right jobs like no one else.

And Scott? He's the one leading us all, making sure we stay on track and keep our promises.

Here's the best part: every time we help someone get a job, we plant 100 trees. It's our way of giving back and doing good for the planet.

At Plantrs, we're not just finding people work; we're making a difference, one hire at a time. By 2030, we intend to plant a million trees and we're serious about it.

So when you work with us, you're not just building your team and growing your business. You're part of a movement that's planting trees for a greener, more sustainable future – one hire at a time.

1 Million Trees by 2030

Planting futures, building legacies. Join us in placing 4,000 talented people into roles that will grow businesses while reforesting the planet. *

* This estimate assumes that for every hire, there are 5 open positions, 10 meetings, and 50 CVs received, which contribute additional trees to the total count. Keep in mind this is a rough estimate and the actual number may vary based on the exact mix of these activities.

Tech vs. Trees CO2 Comparison

This is what we understand about our environmental impact compared to the tech industry:

  • CO2 Footprint of Tech: A typical tech company can produce thousands to millions of metric tonnes of CO2 annually, largely due to energy-intensive operations.
  • Trees to the Rescue: Each tree we plant absorbs about 22 kg of CO2 a year. With 1 million trees, that's 22,000 metric tonnes of CO2 absorbed annually.
  • Positive Impact: By planting trees, we're effectively offsetting a significant portion of the tech industry's carbon footprint, one hire at a time.
  • Sustainable Tech Future: Our goal is to bridge the gap between technological advancement and environmental sustainability.

Through this initiative, we're contributing to a greener tech world and a healthier planet.

Planting Trees and Cultivating Jobs in Communities

Our dual mission for environmental and economic growth:

  • Tree Planting with Purpose: In collaboration with Tree-Nation, we're part of global reforestation efforts, from Madagascar's mangroves to Nepal's highlands.
  • Jobs and Ecosystems: Our projects don't just plant trees; they also create jobs, especially in regions where economic support is crucial.
  • Local and Global Impact: Whether it's supporting biodiversity in Tanzania or aiding forest recovery in California, each tree planted makes a difference.
  • Sustainable Livelihoods: By providing employment in tree planting, we help communities develop sustainable livelihoods, fostering long-term economic stability.
  • Our Dedicated Forest: Check out our dedicated forest on Tree-Nation to see our impact and join our journey!

We chose Tree-Nation for their diverse, impactful projects and their commitment to not just planting trees, but also enriching communities and ecosystems worldwide.

Our Mission as a Net Zero Recruitment Agency

At Plantrs, we’re redefining what it means to be a recruitment agency in today’s world. Our approach goes beyond just connecting talent with opportunity; it's about nurturing a sustainable future with every step we take.

Eco-Friendly Business Practices:

Our recruitment process is consciously designed to minimize environmental impact. By leveraging digital tools, we significantly reduce paper waste. Our partnerships aren’t just business-driven; they’re selected with an eco-conscious mindset, aligning ourselves with companies that share our vision for a greener future.

Green Growth Commitment:

Growth for us isn’t just a business metric; it's a sustainable journey. With every significant business milestone, we pledge to plant trees, turning our success into a force for environmental rejuvenation. This isn’t a side project; it's embedded in our core business model, reflecting our dedication to green growth.

A Culture of Social Responsibility:

We believe deeply in the social responsibility of businesses, especially in today's world where every action counts. Our commitment to the environment and the community is woven into the very fabric of our company culture. We're not just recruiters; we're guardians of a sustainable future, working tirelessly to ensure that our activities benefit not just our clients but the world at large.

Join us in this journey towards a sustainable future. Discover how our commitment as a Net Zero Recruitment Agency is shaping the world, one placement at a time.

Scott is a Top-notch professional and will go out of his way to find a role that suits you.

Frank van de Ven

Full-stack C# .Net Developer

Scott has the ability to understand your knowledge and skills, to find the perfect match with what you are searching for.

Enrico Miglino

Lead Software Engineer

Scott was able to find a very fitting backend developer role for me given the requirements I gave to him.

Laurent Van Winckel

Software Engineer

Everything went smoothly from conversation to contract. Any problem that arose, Scott quickly resolved. Approving timesheets and payments are done correctly.

Wim Meganck

Embedded Engineer

Scott went above and beyond to find me a suitable position. Communication was excellent and he was at all times available.

Lucas Terreri

Lead Engineer

I was feeling stagnant in my role and felt like I would be left behind in my field. Amen was able to accurately assess my skills and found me an amazing opportunity at a firm.

Sean Kearns

Software Engineer

I had a fantastic experience working with Plantrs. They reached out with an exciting job opportunity, guiding me through every step with ease. Truly a great asset for any HR organization!

Petra Litty

Digital Sales & Marketing

Working with Plantrs was not just about professional advice but also a wonderful personal experience. Their commitment to my success was evident through continuous check-ins, even after the process had concluded.

Mikołaj Zalewski

Senior Business Development

I loved work with Plantrs. Their friendly and professional demeanor, coupled with consistent updates throughout my recruitment process, made everything smoother. I highly recommend this  Recruitment Agency.

Manuela Cosentino

Customer Success Manager

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