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Patrick Spencer
Managing Director

We provided job descriptions and the speed in which they sent new candidates to us was incredible. We were rarely without 2-3 candidates to review for our open positions.

Pat Bayer
Chief Information Officer

I am never disappointed by the candidates that are introduced to me. They have a wide range of talent and, depending upon the level of experience required for the position, they always find the right candidates, while making the entire hiring process extremely simple.

Mario Invernizzi
VP Sales
Snipp Interactive

Pete Hagan
Director of IT
K&J Consulting

Over the years I’ve delt with other recruiters, most are unprofessional throwing darts at a board blindfolded. I don’t waste my time with them anymore. Instead, I call up Plantrs first – they’re my go-to recruitment agency.

Chloe Callahan
IT Operations Manager
Peninsula Truck Lines

During our hiring process, Anant sent several candidates with summaries which eliminated me from searching through resume’s. Because of this, we were able to act fast and hire a quality candidate before someone else got them.

Susie Loza
Human Resource Manager
Karl Storz Imaging

Anant Jain and his team are extremely qualified and they have taken the time to understand our business and the position requirements. I am very pleased with the well qualified new employees they have successfully found for us.

    • 1,000,000 Tree Goal1%


    Recruitment services

    Grow your business potential with our dedicated recruitment solutions. Learn more about our full range of offerings for organisations looking for IT, tech, digital, and AI talent.

    Recruitment services

    Grow your business potential with our dedicated recruitment solutions. Learn more about our full range of offerings for organisations looking for IT, tech, digital, and AI talent.

    UP TO 5

    shortlisted candidates who best fit your open position within 2 - 5 days


    vetted for each candidate we introduce to speed up the hiring process

    100 TREES

    planted for every new hire plus 10 trees for new positions you need filled 

    90 DAYS

    to refund or replace a candidate if things don't work out free of charge

    Find your dream job

    We're always adding new job opportunities each week. To get shortlisted for a position matching your skills and interests, simply upload your CV to our database.

    Bruges, Belgium
    €24 - €50 / hour
    Brussels, Belgium
    €30 - €45 / hour
    Remote, Netherlands
    €28 - €40 / hour
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    €33 - €47 / hour
    Helsinki, Finland
    €45K - €65K / year
    Remote, Belgium
    €22 - €57 / hour
    Remote, Norway
    €22 - €34 / hour
    Eindhoven, Netherlands
    €35 - €50 / hour
    Antwerp, Belgium
    €25 - €48 / hour
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    €50K - €74K / year
    Remote, Belgium
    €18 - €32 / hour
    Rotterdam, Netherlands
    €40K - €55K / year
    Gothenburg, Sweden
    €48K - €59K / year
    Bruges, Belgium
    €58K - €61K / year
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    €59.3K - €65K / year
    Rotterdam, Netherlands
    €43K - €65K / year
    Stockholm, Sweden
    €30 - €45 / hour
    Maastricht, Netherlands
    €44.5K - €72.3K / year
    Charleroi, Belgium
    €31 - €39 / hour
    Remote, Belgium
    €22 - €57 / hour
    Stockholm, Sweden
    €65.7K - €74.5K / year

    Behind every successful hire, there's a talented person with a story to share

    Frank van de Ven
    Full-stack C# .Net Developer

    Scott is a Top-notch professional and will go out of his way to find a role that suits you.

    Enrico Miglino
    Lead Software Engineer

    Scott has the ability to understand your knowledge and skills, to find the perfect match with what you are searching for.

    Laurent Van Winckel
    Software Engineer

    Scott was able to find a very fitting backend developer role for me given the requirements I gave to him.

    Wim Meganck
    Embedded Engineer

    Everything went smoothly from conversation to contract. Any problem that arose, Scott quickly resolved. Approving timesheets and payments are done correctly.

    Lucas Terreri
    Lead Engineer

    Scott went above and beyond to find me a suitable position. Communication was excellent and he was at all times available.

    Sean Kearns
    Software Engineer

    I was feeling stagnant in my role and felt like I would be left behind in my field. Amen was able to accurately assess my skills and found me an amazing opportunity at a firm.

    Petra Litty
    Digital Sales & Marketing

    I had a fantastic experience working with Plantrs. They reached out with an exciting job opportunity, guiding me through every step with ease. Truly a great asset for any HR organization!

    Mikołaj Zalewski
    Senior Business Development

    Working with Plantrs was not just about professional advice but also a wonderful personal experience. Their commitment to my success was evident through continuous check-ins, even after the process had concluded.

    Manuela Cosentino
    Customer Success Manager

    I loved work with Plantrs. Their friendly and professional demeanor, coupled with consistent updates throughout my recruitment process, made everything smoother. I highly recommend this  Recruitment Agency.


    Europe's first eco-friendly recruitment agency

    1 million trees by 2030

    Our journey began with a simple yet powerful idea: what if every job placement could also mean a step towards a greener future?

    This led to the birth of our tree-planting program and partnership with Tree-Nation, a core aspect of our mission.

    Together, we're turning every successful hire into a thriving forest.

    Our commitment is more than just a number; it's a testament to our dedication to sustainable practices in every facet of our business.

    We're proving that doing good for the planet can be a natural part of doing good in business and we are excited for you to join us.


    Get a recruitment strategy tailored to your needs

      Why do you plant trees for every new hire?

      At Plantrs, we believe that true success in business should also nurture the environment. In line with our vision for a sustainable future, we've infused the essence of green growth into our recruitment services. Planting trees for every new hire is our way of bridging the gap between professional advancement and environmental stewardship.

      Here's how our tree planting commitment translates into action:

      Action Trees Planted
      Each successful hire 100 trees
      Every open position 10 trees
      Each meeting booked 5 trees
      Every CV received 1 tree

      Our tree planting efforts are more than just a pledge; they represent our dedication to a sustainable future. By working with us, you're contributing to a greener planet.

      Learn more about our commitment to sustainability and our journey towards being a Net Zero Recruitment Agency

      What is the difference between head hunting and recruiting?

      While both headhunting and recruiting are integral to the hiring process, they serve different purposes. Headhunting is a targeted approach, often used to find leadership and specialised roles, focusing on attracting top-tier talent.

      At Plantrs, we apply these meticulous headhunting techniques not just for executive searches but across all levels of recruitment. This approach ensures we deliver the same high-quality results when helping employers fill open positions quickly and efficiently.

      Recruiting, on the other hand, involves a broader strategy. It includes attracting, screening, and selecting candidates for various roles within an organisation. By combining the precision of headhunting with the comprehensive scope of recruiting, we offer a unique service that caters to all aspects of talent acquisition.

      Discover more about our effective recruitment strategies and how we tailor our services to meet your specific needs: Explore Our Recruitment Solutions

      How many candidates will you provide?

      At Plantrs, our candidate delivery is tailored to your unique needs. After understanding your requirements, we typically provide 3 to 5 top candidates from our extensive database. Our goal is to shortlist these candidates within a 2 to 5 day period, ensuring a swift yet precise recruitment process.

      Each role is different, and we're flexible in providing additional candidates if needed. However, our accuracy in candidate matching often makes this unnecessary. Here are some key stats reflecting our efficiency:

      • Quick Turnaround: On average, we deliver candidates in 72 hours.
      • First Choice Success: 42% of roles are filled by the first candidate we propose.
      • Top Three Effectiveness: 68% of positions are filled from the first three candidates.
      • High Interview Request Rate: 72% of our submitted candidates are requested for interviews by clients.
      • Candidate Satisfaction: Nearly 100% satisfaction rate among candidates.
      • Speedy Delivery: Aiming to present 3 candidates within 2-3 days, role dependent.
      • Additional Options: We can deliver 4-7 candidates if required after the initial batch.

      Our approach ensures that you receive only the most suitable candidates, saving time and increasing the likelihood of a perfect fit. Learn more about our recruitment process

      What sectors can you provide recruitment solutions for?

      At Plantrs, our recruitment expertise spans across several dynamic and evolving sectors. We specialise in:

      While these are our current focus areas, we're always looking to expand our reach into other industries. If you're seeking recruitment solutions in a different sector, we encourage you to submit an inquiry through our contact form. Our versatile team may still be able to assist you with your specific needs.

      What happens if the candidate does not work out?

      What happens if the candidate does not work out?

      While it's uncommon, we understand that sometimes a placement might not be the perfect fit. At Plantrs, we offer a 90-day rebate period to ensure your peace of mind. If a candidate we place does not work out within this time frame, we provide two key options:

      • No-Cost Replacement: We strive to find a suitable replacement at no additional cost to you, ensuring your hiring needs are met effectively.
      • Refund Option: Alternatively, we offer a refund for the placement if a replacement is not feasible or preferred by you.

      Our aim is to ensure that every placement is successful, and our 90-day rebate period reflects our commitment to this goal. We're here to support you throughout the recruitment process and beyond.

      Have more questions? Visit our FAQ page for additional information on our recruitment services and policies.