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Scott Hickman

CEO @ Plantrs

+31 970 1025 5617

Scott Hickman

CEO @ Plantrs

+31 970 1025 5617

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    Plantrs is eco-friendly recruitment agency committed to reforesting the planet with every successful candidate you hire.

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    Fast, quality hires with a personal touch.

    We provided job descriptions and the speed in which they sent new candidates to us was incredible. We were rarely without 2-3 candidates to review for our open positions.

    Patrick Spencer
    Managing Director

    I am never disappointed by the candidates that are introduced to me. They have a wide range of talent and, depending upon the level of experience required for the position, they always find the right candidates, while making the entire hiring process extremely simple.

    Pat Bayer
    Chief Information Officer

    Mario Invernizzi
    VP Sales
    Snipp Interactive

    Over the years I’ve delt with other recruiters, most are unprofessional throwing darts at a board blindfolded. I don’t waste my time with them anymore. Instead, I call up Plantrs first – they’re my go-to recruitment agency.

    Pete Hagan
    Director of IT
    K&J Consulting

    During our hiring process, Anant sent several candidates with summaries which eliminated me from searching through resume’s. Because of this, we were able to act fast and hire a quality candidate before someone else got them.

    Chloe Callahan
    IT Operations Manager
    Peninsula Truck Lines

    Anant Jain and his team are extremely qualified and they have taken the time to understand our business and the position requirements. I am very pleased with the well qualified new employees they have successfully found for us.

    Susie Loza
    Human Resource Manager
    Karl Storz Imaging