Matthew Mundroina

Director of Recruitment
The recruitment industry is fiercely competitive. That's why we build genuine relationships. Its also how our clients and the people we plant within their organizations are suitable, satisfied, and successful.

Since my days at the University of Surrey, where I first met Anant and Scott, I've been committed to eco-friendly business practices. In 2018. I developed a cricket protein bar which are sustainable for the planet and healthier for everyday individuals. "Ew, crickets," right? Trust me, they taste way better than you think. 

Today, I'm extremely proud and excited to be intertwining our recruitment efforts with an eco-friendly initiative, thanks to our partnership with Tree-Nation.

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Matthew's Testimonials

Amber Ion  |  HR & Admin Officer @ Carbon

I worked with Matthew for more than two years as a Recruitment Consultant. Despite having absolutely no experience in the industry he was able to patiently and mathematically guide and show me the ropes to be successful in the role. This resulted in me making multiple placements in my first year and gain promotion.

Recruitment is a very cut-throat industry, but Matthew challenges this stereotype with his care and consideration for new and long-serving employees alike. He offers this same care and dedication to his clients and is a pleasure to work with and for.

Jordan Medcraft  |  Account Manager @ Enterprise

Plantrs | EU Recruitment Agency

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