Scott Hickman

Chief Executive Officer
Welcome to Plantrs, where our vision for recruitment intertwines with a mission for sustainability. As CEO, I lead our team towards a future where professional growth and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.

My journey into the world of recruitment was driven by a desire to innovate and challenge industry norms. After years of experience in headhunting and executive search, I've honed the art of finding the perfect match between companies and candidates.

I advocate for a recruitment process that is as honest as it is meticulous. That’s why at Plantrs, we don't just fill roles; we nurture careers and foster relationships for the growth of people, organizations, and our planet.

Plantrs | EU Recruitment Agency

Scott's Testimonials

Scott is a top-notch professional and will go out of his way to find a role that suits you. Communication is excellent, and payments are done as promised. I highly recommend working with Scott.

Frank van de Ven  |  Full-stack C# .NET Expert

In July 2022, Scott proposed to me a freelance contract that perfectly matched my expectations! I strongly recommend trusting his ability to find the perfect job for you.

Enrico Miglino  |  Lead Software Engineer

Scott never once pushed me or bombarded me with calls, he is always approachable.

Sundar Sambandam  |  Salesforce Certified Developer

Scott was able to find a very fitting backend developer role for me given the requirements I had communicated to him. He's been a great contact ever since and is fast to respond whenever I need his help.

Laurent Van Winckel  |  Software Engineer

Plantrs | EU Recruitment Agency

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