Manju Choudhary

IT & Tech Recruiter
At Plantrs, my role as an IT & Tech Recruiter is more than just a job; it's a journey where every candidate I connect with and every role I fill is a step towards something bigger - our shared vision of sustainability.

My story in this field started with a foundation in Computer Science and Human Resources, a unique combination that allows me to understand the intricacies of tech roles and the human element behind each hire.

Think of it this way: every time I match a candidate with a role, it's like solving a complex puzzle. The satisfaction doesn't just come from placing a skilled individual in a job; it's about finding someone who shares the ethos at a company looking to hire them.

For each candidate, I look beyond the resume to understand their story - their aspirations, passions, and how they envision their impact on the world. This personalized approach not only sets up new hires for success, but also aligns perfectly with Plantrs' mission to cultivate a workforce that's skilled while contribution to our goal of a greener planet.

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Manju's Testimonials

In the crucial realm of talent acquisition, Manju C distinguishes herself with a unique blend of deep industry knowledge and unwavering commitment. She is punctual and responsive; she handles every interaction, be it through emails, texts, or meetings, with remarkable professionalism and presence. Her expertise in understanding and aligning the needs of both organizations and candidates is impressive, navigating the complexities of recruitment with finesse.

Manju C approach transcends the typical recruitment process, fostering meaningful connections and ensuring a harmonious fit for all parties involved. Any organization in search of a recruiter who genuinely connects with people and comprehends the subtleties of their requirements would find an invaluable asset to any reputable organization.

Laura L., Strategic Program Manager

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