Daniel Takyi

AI Recruiter
I'm passionate about matching exceptional AI talent with their dream roles, tailoring the process to individual aspirations and company requirements.

Hello! I'm Daniel Takyi, your AI Recruiter at Plantrs. My primary role is to be the go-to contact for candidates seeking new opportunities in the exciting world of artificial intelligence.

At Plantrs, we champion flexible and remote working arrangements, recognizing their importance in today's work environment. This approach helps us attract top talent and ensures that candidates find positions that not only meet their career goals but also suit their lifestyle preferences.

What I do:

  • Provide smooth and transparent recruitment processes for AI professionals.
  • Offer a range of opportunities, both local and remote, to suit diverse candidate needs.
  • Maintain a large and varied client base, ensuring a wealth of options for candidates.

If you're a professional in the AI field looking for your next challenge, or if you're interested in exploring new opportunities, I'd love to hear from you. Send me a message or submit your CV, and let's find a role that excites you!

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Daniel's Testimonials

Joao Alfredo Gama Batista  |  Python & DevOps Specialist

Daniel played a crucial role in placing me in my current job, demonstrating excellent communication, professionalism, and understanding of my career goals. His dedication and expertise made the hiring process smooth and successful. I am truly grateful for his assistance in finding the perfect opportunity for me.

Nikolas Hanson  |  Senior Infrastructure Engineer

I recently had the pleasure of working with Daniel who helped me secure a role in software engineering quickly and smoothly. I was impressed with their level of professionalism, clear communication, and responsiveness throughout the whole hiring process. Daniel provided me with all the necessary information about the job, and helped me prepare for interviews by providing crucial insights and tips.

What I appreciated the most about Daniel was their responsiveness and willingness to answer any questions I had, and eventually helped with negotiating all the details. He kept me updated about the status of my application and checked in often to make sure everything was in order.

Overall, I had a positive experience working with Daniel, and would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a new opportunities. Daniel made the process stress-free and efficient, and I'm grateful for their assistance in helping me secure my new role.

Mark Lu  |  Software Deveoper

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